You see in the realm of the real, everyday situations, I’m pretty much as practical as they come. In short I want my dollar to go the furthest, and you were ask me what I think the best car is to buy new around the $30k mark, I would, in a heartbeat tell you go to buy a Subaru WRX. It’s not because I own one that I am biased…it’s because I sincerely looked at all the options (including SCCA car classing) before deciding that a 4wd boosted sled at with 268hp was the smartest buy for the money.


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So it’s really odd, that here I am talking about a NSX. And no, we’re not talking about the classing classic N/A variant. No, no, no, we’re talking the brand new, 2017 Acura NSX. Priced at about $160k, the NSX is set priced to be almost three to even four times the price as some the other vehicles in the brand. It’s taking the newly found hybrid approach that’s been making the rounds with Porsche, BMW, and McLaren lately. With it’s electric power-mill, it puts out total of 573hp and is mated to a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system. It is heavy though: 3800lbs. That’s a lot of weight.

But you know what? I don’t care. The design queues remind me that of a perfected McLaren MP4-12C. The main issue I feel with the McLaren is that it looks a bit sedate. The NSX however, is making me go all tingly in ways that the old Ferrari F355 did when I was a kid (Back story:  I would oggle for countless hours studying every design element knowing that the car had been sculpted by the some hooded Italian secret order under lock and key till every millimeter was perfect. Of course that wasn’t the case, but, hey…try telling a 10 year old that.) That, to me anyway, is makes a supercar.

9 speed dual clutch paddle-shift, twin turbo V6, and electric motors mean a 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and a host of electronic gizmos and luxury. I’m a purist as they come when it comes to transmissions, but even I can’t knock the route they took this car. If I was in the market, this car would be a serious contender, because “everyone” buys a 911. This would be something different and unique. Till that time comes though, I’ll just enjoy my big blue battle axe and try and trophy at SCCA Nationals this year :-p

Video of the review that Ignition did on it. Set to HD and oggle away.

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