We’ve gotten a lot of “What is a Match Tour?” questions, so we boiled it down to the basics.

What is a Match Tour?

It’s a national level driving event sanctioned by the SCCA offering an entry level introduction to a national level driving format. You get more seat time for less money than a Championship Tour.

What do I need to do Friday?

Friday is to get checked in and tech your car for the weekend. You will be asked to confirm your car number, classing and might even be asked what brand of tire you are running. You are required to apply specific decals in order to run the event. These usually include a Tirerack banner for the windshield, along with necessary decals. Friday also allows you to go the adjacent lot for the Test and Tune to dial in your car for the surface.

How many runs do I get Saturday and Sunday?

You are given two sets of runs on Day 1 (Saturday) at 3 runs each. The best time from each set of runs totaled together determine class rankings. Awards are handed out for classes that evening.

For Day 2 (Sunday), everyone gets three more runs as qualifying for the “Challenge”, for a total of 8 or 9, guaranteed runs for the weekend. After that the venue moves to the “Match” portion of the event.

How does the “matching” work?

The top finishers (on PAX index) from each Heat during Sunday’s runs determine the qualifiers for the Sunday afternoon challenges. If you fell short of qualifying and didn’t make one of the two Challenges, you still have a shot!

A Bonus Challenge is offered by random drawing (usually by a ticket that you’re issued).

All of these runs are taken on the same course as competition from Day 1, so there are plenty of chances to learn the course. Unlike the Championship Tour, it does not change directions, so you get plenty of cracks at it to master your driving on the course.

Awards are presented afterwards for the Challenge Portion, so in theory you could double up on hardware for the weekend!

More info

Check out the official Match Tour rules by clicking here.

Here is the SCCA Breaking it down the Match Tour on Solo Matters

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